On the trade unions and “boring from within”

I’ve written a number of pieces now on anarchist activity within the trade union movement. In particular, I’d point to Trade unions, worker militancy, and communism from below, What is anarcho-syndicalism: revolutionary unionism, Anarcho-syndicalism and the limits of trade unionism, and my most recent post on Building the rank-and-file. However, these have all focused primarily on the difference between … Continue reading

Anarcho-syndicalism and the limits of trade unionism

One statement that I quite often make is that I’m not a trade unionist. This can confuse those who know me, because I am a member and active rep within the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS). However, though I believe in worker organisation as a part of class struggle and the challenge to capitalism, … Continue reading

May Day: in remembrance of Haymarket

On Tuesday 4th May, 1886, police in Chicago opened fire on protesters in Haymarket Square fighting for an eight-hour working day. Moments earlier, a bomb thrown into the ranks of the police had killed one and fatally wounded six others. The exact number of those killed in the gun fire was never ascertained. The event … Continue reading