The principle and practice of “violence” against property

The recent student protests – in particular the siege of Millbank Tower and the riots on the day of the tuition fees vote – have provoked an awful lot of debate. Among other things, it brought the boogeyman of anarchism back into the media spotlight and helped to reinvigorate the fight against the cuts. What … Continue reading

An argument for the abolition of the prison system

As with borders, the prison system is an element of state structure deemed to be beyond question. Debate rages on whether it is “too soft” or “too tough,” on whether it needs reform, and on how it can be made to work better. However, the idea of its abolition remains unspeakable, indeed unthinkable. There simply … Continue reading

May Day: in remembrance of Haymarket

On Tuesday 4th May, 1886, police in Chicago opened fire on protesters in Haymarket Square fighting for an eight-hour working day. Moments earlier, a bomb thrown into the ranks of the police had killed one and fatally wounded six others. The exact number of those killed in the gun fire was never ascertained. The event … Continue reading