The revolutionary general strike in an era of casualisation

The Spanish revolution of 1936 remains the most explicit example of the revolutionary potential of workers expropriating the means of production and using direct action to implement self-organised communism

In the present movement against government cuts, a lot of slogans (and from them leftist strategies) are invoking the idea of a general strike. As a tactic, there are a number of reasons this would not work. Chief amongst them being that a set-piece “one-day” strike is the limit of the left’s ambitions in this … Continue reading

The pros and cons of the black bloc

The black bloc formed at the TUC March for the Alternative was the largest ever seen in Britain

A black bloc, despite all the controversy around it, isn’t a complicated thing. It is simply the act whereby great numbers of people wear all-black clothing and cover their faces on demonstrations. They then come together as a unit, for both strength in numbers and anonymity. That’s it. It is not an organisation, as conspiracy … Continue reading