Anarchism, ethnicity, and culture: resistance in Latin America

Part six in a series of articles discussing the anarchist movement as it relates to non-European peoples and cultures. Latin America is, as far as the planners in Washington have always been concerned, the United States’s “backyard.” As such, it has been acquianted with US imperialism and the reality of the global “free market” doctrine … Continue reading

Whither class consciousness?

“The class war is over.” So declared former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1999. Of course, Blair was speaking from the perspective of a most zealous convert to centre-right neo-liberalism, but his words held a ring of truth. Over perhaps the last twenty years, and certainly the past decade, there has been a marked … Continue reading

Anarcho-syndicalism and anarchist communism

I am, as those who read my articles regularly should be aware, an anarchist communist. I want to see a world where the workers control industry and communities manage their own resources, without the oppressive interference of the state, capital, or any other top-down structure. Perhaps less-known is the fact that I am also an … Continue reading

Exploring anarcha-feminism

I recently came across this video by anarcha-feminist group No Pretence on YouTube; As the information panel on the video’s page states, it comes from “an intervention” at the Anarchist Movement Conference 09 “by a masked group of women who were pissed off by the patriarchy which is (still) evident within the anarchist movement.” Watching it gave me … Continue reading