On apathy and the masses

One of the biggest perceived obstacles for anarchism, or any similar movement which has as its base the working class or popular masses, is apathy. The notion is that generally, unless their quality of life is particularly terrible, most people simply do not care about anything beyond the day to day aspects of their life. … Continue reading

Grief tourism and freedom of speech

In today’s Liverpool Echo, we are told that some local schoolkids were “caught leaving obscene messages about Madeleine McCann on a social networking site” which have “led to one pupil … being investigated by horrified staff.” They have been branded as “sick,” and other members of the group in question – Lets Not Give Up … Continue reading

May Day: in remembrance of Haymarket

On Tuesday 4th May, 1886, police in Chicago opened fire on protesters in Haymarket Square fighting for an eight-hour working day. Moments earlier, a bomb thrown into the ranks of the police had killed one and fatally wounded six others. The exact number of those killed in the gun fire was never ascertained. The event … Continue reading